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A professionally made video can define your image, explain an idea, or create a powerful connection.

When a customer views a video on your webpage, they are not just seeing a business, they are seeing a person. Hearing your voice, and seeing your mannerisms can build a rapport better than any picture or paragraph. Knowing that there is a human being behind your product, not just a logo and a slogan, makes you more trustworthy.

Video marketing is a valuable asset to any business. Website visitors who watch a video are 85% more likely to make a purchase than those who don't. Video hosting sites, such as youtube, have over 800 million unique visitors each month! Having a video on your website will improve your search engine optimization and get your business ranked higher on search results.

One Plus One offers tailored services for video marketing, developed for your specific goals and different budgets. Let us create an experience that is truly engaging and get your business noticed!

What is One Plus One?

The best visual inspirations occur when two things come together. The passion for your business meets the sincerity in your voice. Video is the best medium to express this enigmatic force.

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