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Getting Started

We work closely with you to develop a strategy, formulate a message, and make a significant impact on your audience. Your vision is unique! Two of the same businesses competing in the same market will convey a totally different message. Who are you, what do you do, and what separates you from the competition?


Shooting your Video

One Plus One is equipped for onsite shoots in any location. We adapt! Whether you work from home, have a full office, or travel all over town - not only can we make it work, we can produce stunning imagery from even the most mundane settings. Our videographers work with business owners to acquire the best interview material. We can make even the most apprehensive subject comfortable in front of the camera!

Post Production

Editing your Videos

Our experienced editor works tirelessly to refine and shape your vision.  Your feedback and thought process are valuable to us!  We can handle a range of delivery options including DVD authoring and duplication as well as preparation for broadcast or web.   We complete all of the technical work for you!  Your final copies will be encoded to display perfectly in their locations, and labeled so you know exactly where to put them (facebook, youtube, website).


One Plus One offers tailored services for video marketing, developed for your specific goals.  Our customizable options can fit any budget.  The average cost to produce a 90 second website video for a small business is $500.

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What is One Plus One?

The best visual inspirations occur when two things come together. The passion for your business meets the sincerity in your voice. Video is the best medium to express this enigmatic force.

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