One Plus One Video

One plus One is a Louisville based video production company specializing in commercial and wedding videography. Our goal is to discover the specific feeling you would like to convey and put it into motion.

Using top of the line audio and video equipment, and years of production experience, we will capture the very essence of your message. Whether you are furthering your company’s image or capturing a special moment, One Plus One Video can meet your video needs.

About the Owner

Jessica Denzik

Jessica Denzik grew up in South Louisville, KY on a horse farm, owned and operated by her family. She attended the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning (DAAP), and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Architecture.

Jessica was drawn to videography for the hands on approach to design. Having migrated from architecture to video, her unique skill set has equipped her with an artist's perspective, and an architect's attention to detail.

"Being not only the creator of a concept, but also the 'builder' is an exhilarating process. To see a project come to life right before my eyes is the ultimate experience for a designer."

Since entering the field of videography, Jessica has completed over 200 wedding and commercial videos. She is incredibly grateful to be producing creative projects from start to finish!

What is One Plus One?

The best visual inspirations occur when two things come together. The passion for your business meets the sincerity in your voice. Video is the best medium to express this enigmatic force.

Clean + Simple

Not just telling them,

Not just showing them

We're allowing them to experience it.




Classic + Elegant

One heart plus One heart, at the start of a new life together.

No fabrications. Nothing forced.

Just the honest love and timeless beauty of a perfect day.