About Wedding Videos

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The One Plus One Approach

You have been looking forward to this day your entire life! This is the thought that never leaves our mind on the day of a shoot. The marriage of two people is a sacred moment that deserves respect, thoughtful planning, and a little distance.

One Plus One uses DSLR cameras and smaller equipment to ensure that your special day is captured without dampening the mood.

It’s the little things that count. A look out the window on the way to the church. A deep breath before the doors open, revealing your beautiful bride.

One plus One video is dedicated to capturing the tiny moments that encompass the anticipation, excitement, and of course, the love – not just between bride and groom, but also the overwhelming glow of your family and friends.

Congratulations on your engagement!

What is One Plus One?

One Plus One is the correlation of two beautiful things coming together.

One heart plus One heart, at the start of a new life together.

Need Ideas?

One Plus One has had the privilege of experiencing a wide variety of Beautiful Events. Check out some of our video still frames for some ideas!




Classic + Elegant

No fabrications. Nothing forced.

Just the honest love and timeless beauty of a perfect day.